9 Short Hairstyles To Feel Fab In Your 40S - Martin Baker Orthodontist

9 short hairstyles to feel fab in your 40s

Playful pixie with bold highlights add dynamism to your style with bold highlights on a pixie cut framing your face with a carefree glow

Textured pixie bob for thin hair opt for short choppy layers to enhance volume and radiate modern flair effortlessly

Sideswept elegance sweep your short bob to the side to add volume and depth creating a flirty and voluminous look

Blunt bob magic contrast a blunt baseline with wispy faceframing layers for a harmonious balance that accentuates your unique beauty

Retro vibes embrace the 90s with a chinlength bob blunt ends faceframing tendrils and a classic center part for the perfect throwback look

Asymmetrical chic fabulous women over 40 can rock an asymmetrical bob with an angled cut and offcenter part for a polished yet lowmaintenance style

Sophisticated bob chinlength bob cuts effortlessly combine sophistication with playfulness framing the face beautifully for the stylish 40 crowd

Textured volume strategically placed layers and textures in a bob cut instantly add body and volume enhancing delicate fine strands

Whimsical pixie channel the carefree spirit of peter pan with a whimsically short pixie cut that radiates youthful charm