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9 starbucks orders that make baristas roll their eyes

Caramel ribbon crunch frappuccino baristas dislike making this layered frappuccino due to its messy preparation process and timeconsuming steps especially during busy periods

Iced matcha tea latte despite its simple ingredients baristas find this drink difficult to make as it tends to clump up without enough ice and creates excessive foam particularly with alternative milks

Iced london fog tea latte baristas dislike making tea lattes on ice like the london fog because of the steeping process which can delay orders during rush times especially in the drivethru

Mocha cookie crumble frappuccino this frappuccino with its numerous layers and additional steps slows down the workflow for baristas and can cause clogs on the bar due to cookie toppings

Honey citrus mint tea known as the medicine ball tea this drink requires baristas to migrate between stations making it inconvenient and timeconsuming especially during busy periods

Honey almond milk flat white baristas dislike this drink due to the difficulty in steaming almond milk for the correct texture and the sickeningly sweet taste of honey making it unpopular among many

Pink drink starbucks refreshers beverage while visually appealing baristas find customizations like heavy cream and vanilla bean powder unappealing and dense making them difficult to enjoy

Dragon drink refresher with oleato golden foam this unusual combination of flavors and textures including olive oilinfused cold foam is considered unpleasant by many baristas and customers alike

Pineapple passionfruit refresher despite its simple ingredients baristas often discourage customers from ordering this drink due to its unpleasant taste likened to medicine or soap