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9 subtle signs youre getting older

1 reading glasses reading glasses may indicate aging although not everyone needs them many carrots and apples may assist but time wears down the body according to one guy needing glasses suddenly makes them feel like reverse spiderman

2 groaning noises ever want to get up feel creaking on your knee or back and sigh silently it might simply be bad sitting posture or it could be a symptom of aging one submitter says they recognized they were becoming old when they made dad sounds

4 teenagers treated you different as you become older you expect respect but its shocking when someone who might have called you bro a few years ago says excuse me sirs a user remembers an adolescent greeting them on the street which was a stunning discovery

5your top hit became a throwback another submitter found it unsettling hearing their beloved music termed a throwback on the radio though it hurts to hear a music you love branded old you understand youre from a different generation

6 shift in conversation young people talk of wild nights out flashy automobiles and lifelong experiences one commenter says the subject immediately switched to 401ks mortgages and retirement planning it hit them then

7 nextgen babysitting when the kids you babysat have infants its surreal they were kids who needed bedtime tales now theyre parents life cycle moments like these make you think wow time really does fly

8 lost in translation when were you the cool one that knew slang it sounds like younger folks speak a different language youre not alone in wondering what on fleek or lit means its a subtle indicator of changing times

9 healing became hard a person describes how their 10yearold nieces fractured arm healed in two weeks however they suffered from a yearsold fracture the bodys natural regeneration mechanism slows with age making recovery difficult