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9 tasty vegan japanese recipes

Vegan japanese curry japanese curry is unusual this vitaminrich recipe has diced apple and carrot for a pleasant nutritious taste and a lot of spices and fresh ginger for antiinflammatory effects

Onigirazu sushi sandwich onigirazu a sandwichsushi hybrid is the finest method to get plenty of sushi flavour and fillings in one bite easy to customise these sushi sandwiches provide a fun and participatory meal experience

Vegan japanese oyaki japanese oyaki is a portable comfort pocket hot flaky dumplings with savoury veggies provide a healthy lunch or afternoon snack

Vegan yaki udon a dish of yaki udon will gratify beautiful thick chewy noodles with veggies and a sweettangy sauce each serve will enhance your evening and leave you smiling

Vegan strawberry mochi ice cream pair the strawberry patch with mochi ice cream strawberry ice cream is enveloped in glutinous rice dough and lightly dusted with powdered sugar

Vegan katsu sando the classic japanese schnitzel is sandwiched between two pieces of soft bread with cabbage and tonkatsu sauce in this entertaining fusion meal a quick and tasty supper on the move

Teriyaki tempeh the most famous japanese sauce teriyaki is always a hit vegans and carnivores will love this delicious tempeh recipe with sweet soy glaze

Vegan beet sushi avoid fishy sushi and try these delectable vegan rolls each tight roll of seasoned sushi rice marinated beets cucumber and avocado is cut into gorgeous circular bits

Vegan okonomiyaki taste this japanese savoury pancake with veganaise tomato glaze and green onions this veggieloaded pancake is satisfying and crunchy a glutenfree unusual cosy meal