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9 terrifying movies to watch for a frightful night

The babadook 2014 this australian horror film directed by jennifer kent centers on a mother and son who after reading a strange popup book get tormented by a menacing presence

Saint maud 2019 the protagonist of this psychological horror film is a devoted nurse who develops a terrible obsession with preserving the soul of her terminally sick patient the film was directed by rose glass

Midsommar 2019 the plot of this folk horror film which was directed by ari aster centers on a group of friends who while visiting a swedish midsummer celebration come upon some strange practices

Hereditary 2018 a family is tormented by terrible and strange incidents following the death of their mysterious grandmother and this film which was directed by ari aster follows the family as they go through this ordeal

The lodge 2019 this severin fiala and veronika franzdirected psychological horror film follows two brothers who get progressively secluded in a rural lodge with their fathers new lover

A quiet place 2018 this film which was directed by john krasinski portrays a family who lives in quiet in order to prevent being attacked by animals that hunt by sound

Parasite 2019 this thrillerhorror film directed by bong joonho tells the tale of a lowincome family that connives to become the houseguests of a rich family

Crawl 2019 this alexandre ajadirected survival horror thriller depicts a teenage lady and her father stuck in their house after a category 5 storm and discovering theyre not alone

Get out 2017 jordan peeles socially aware horror thriller depicts a young african american guy who discovers terrible secrets at his white girlfriends family home