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9 things green tea may do for your body

Coffee an alkaloid stimulates the neurological system enhancing mental attention using amino acids like ltheanine fluoride provides tooth enamel strength green tea has several catechins unlike other teas green tea packs a nutritional punch

Green tea hasnt been shown to help overweight or obese persons lose weight according to the nccih however green tea extract study suggests it may assist green tea can be part of a healthy weight loss diet

Although coffee might cause jitters and disrupt sleep it can also keep you regular avoid coffee if youre caffeinesensitive try green tea also caffeinerich although less than coffee the benefits of green tea extend to your belly

One research found that rats induced with rheumatoid arthritis ra and given green tea extract in their water had less symptoms than rats given ordinary water green tea may help reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

One research found that animals ingesting green tea polyphenols had greater skin cell healing following uv ray damage but its unclear whether people would have the same impact green tea may help repair damaged skin and protect against skin cancer

Diabetics with type 2 diabetes have hyperglycemia because their cells muscles and liver cannot absorb glucose to fuel their bodies heart disease neuropathy amputations green tea could help lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes

Green tea is popular for mental alertness according to the nccih a comprehensive study links green teas caffeine to this shortterm impact as a central nervous system stimulant your alertness and brain health may improve by drinking green tea

To prevent cancer the national cancer institute recommends antioxidantrich meals and drinks like green tea egcg seems to protect green tea may help protect against certain types of cancer

The nccih says green tea lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure this improves heart health additionally black tea has similar effects drinking green and black tea may have a protective effect on the heart