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9 things people from the south do for no reason at all

Southerners love to say bless your heart others have trouble grasping their idea southerners express sympathy by saying it after discussing small matters as a symbol of love learn more saying bless your heart to just about anyone arrow

You cant talk to a southerner without hearing yall every other phrase addressing a person or a huge group it defines southern identity and is typically used with all y all learn more overusing y all arrow

Garden gun says southerners like sweet tea because we are largely descended from celts and brits making a yearning for tea a genetic imperative theyll drink their favorite drink with every meal since it represents them learn more insisting on sweet tea with every meal arrow

Southerners are courteous and respectful theyll typically keep a door open for you before you arrive you may have to awkwardly fast walk to avoid waiting but theyll appreciate it learn more holding doors open for lengthy periods arrow

Southern cuisine is famous because they deep fried everything most foodies like fried chicken but southerners go all out fry oreos or okra from a southern perspective deepfried food tastes better learn more deepfrying anything arrow

Nonsoutherners are frequently concerned about the meaning of a phrase that begins with let me tell you what this expression usually indicates an interesting overblown anecdote from a southerner learn more starting stories with let me tell you what arrow

It may seem unnecessary to address someone sir or ma am but youre mistaken southerners are taught to respect their elders children learn this early on and retain it throughout their lives learn more calling every older person sir or ma am arrow

Southerners adore football according to bleacher report the intertwining of southern culture and college football is a direct deeply rooted reflection of the south s history learn more obsessing over college football arrow

Any reason to enjoy a bbq is ok with southerners socialize with friends and family around their favorite thing southerners adore food and grilling may start or finish the week learn more hosting barbecues at the drop of a hat arrow