9 Things That Are Banned In The U.S. But Totally Fine Elsewhere - Martin Baker Orthodontist

9 things that are banned in the us but totally fine elsewhere

Kinder surprise eggs us vs the world america warns of choking hazards while the world savors chocolate with a side of fun ever smuggled chocolate eggs just for the thrill

Public drinking us vs germany strolling through berlin with a brew is normal but try that in nyc and it s ticket time cheers to freedom or nah

Jaywalking us vs uk in america jaywalking is frowned upon but in the uk it s just walking who knew crossing the street could be so rebellious

Drinking absinthe us vs czech republic america fears the green fairy but in prague it s just another spirit ready to chase the fairy on a euro trip

Hitchhiking us vs new zealand america sees danger while new zealand sees adventure fancy a free ride through middleearth

Kinder eggs americas ban because they re worth mentioning twice america land of the free home of the banned chocolate eggs

Plastic bags us vs rwanda america debates rwanda acts plastic bags are a nogo ever thought your shopping could be so controversial

Raw milk us vs france in america raw milk is practically a narcotic in france it s just breakfast got milk vending machines

Online gambling us vs uk america can t decide while the uk bets on open and regulated fancy a wager on american indecision