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9 unforgettable rice dishes you need in your life

Malaysian fried rice travel to malaysia with this flavorful fried rice unlike its chinese counterpart this dish incorporates fragrant curry leaves kecap manis a sweet soy sauce and fried garlic for a unique and delicious twist

Moroccan chicken pumpkin tagine with almond pilaf chicken and pumpkin are slowcooked with raisins and spices served over a fluffy bed of almond pilaf infused with fragrant chicken stock

Japanese sushi fresh seafood and perfectly seasoned rice are transformed into bitesized masterpieces often accompanied by pickled ginger and wasabi for an explosion of taste and texture

Italian risotto arborio rice is slowly cooked in broth releasing its starch to create a luxuriously smooth texture often flavored with cheese vegetables or seafood

Spanish paella this iconic dish features saffroninfused rice cooked with seafood vegetables and sometimes meat offering a vibrant symphony of flavors

Vietnamese com tam this flavorful breakfast dish combines broken rice with grilled pork a fried egg and a medley of pickled vegetables offering a perfect balance of sweet savory and tangy

Korean kimchi fried rice spicy fermented kimchi is stirfried with rice vegetables and meat for a dish thats both invigorating and comforting

Thai khao pad sapparot this unique dish features fluffy rice stirfried with eggs vegetables and juicy pineapple chunks offering a delightful sweet and savory combination

Chinese clay pot rice rice is cooked in a clay pot with meat vegetables and savory sauces resulting in a dish with a crispy bottom and incredibly flavorful rice