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9 weightfree exercises to tone your body

Lunges lunges strengthen your gluteus maximus and legs that is they will assist you in developing attractive legs and buttocks additionally lunges test your equilibrium and encourage useful movement

Pushups pushups strengthen every muscle in your body work out three sets of twelve times a week youre going to get incredibly strong soon start with modified pushups if you have trouble performing regular pushups

Bending windmill stretch while bending forward maintain a straight back next twist your spine while reaching one arm up and one down

Squats squats help to improve your core and lower body it also enhances flexibility in your legs and hips

Dumbbell rows this workout tones a variety of lower body muscles every time make sure you are squeezing at the peak of the motion

180 jump do some exercise to keep your heart rate elevated during your circuit get to your feet turn around and leap as high as you can rejump to face the opposite direction that amounts to one rep

Arch up place your arms at your sides and lie down on your stomach raise your head and elongate your back off the ground next roll it back down gradually

Situps one easy way to strengthen your abdominal muscles is to perform situps although some people may consider situps to be too simple they are a really powerful fitness tool

Arm raises lift weights off your arms place your feet shoulderwidth apart as you stand afterwards maintain your hands by your sides with your palms facing forward