A Full-Body Workout That’Ll Ease Beginners Into Strength Training - Martin Baker Orthodontist

A fullbody workout that’ll ease beginners into strength training

Devils press press up and leap your legs back to your chest landing with dumbbells between your legs as you rise up swing the weights between your knees and then explosively above controlled descent grounding repeat

Deadlifts squat and hold a barbell shoulderwidth apart keep your chest up shoulders back and eyes forward when lifting the bar bring the weight back onto your heels and maintain the bar close to your body

Kettlebell swings stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulderwidth apart bend your knees and hold the handle with both hands lift the kettlebell between your knees using your lats be cautious how deep you swing with your back flat

Dumbbell thrusters hold two dumbbells by their grips with the weights back over your shoulder squat with your legs in line with your shoulders and slightly bend your knees as you straighten your legs hoist the dumbbells over your head with your arms

Burpees squat till your thighs are parallel to the floor and put your hands on the floor from standing kick your feet back as far as possible with your arms outstretched after landing leap your feet back into your hands and hop up

Renegade row press up with your hands on two dumbbell handles keep your core tight row the right dumbbell to your abs then return to the start repeat with left dumbbell for one rep

Bear crawls pressup with knees bent 90 degrees and hips beneath elevate your knees pretend youre b eing pounded in the stomach by bracing your abs keep this contraction going