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Asparagus frittata with burrata and herb pesto

Dish info a thick or thin frittata may be flipped in the pan or completed under the broiler this dish topped with creamy burrata and herbinfused oil is a gourmet version of the great for weekend lunch or late supper

Ingredients 1small bunch medium asparagus ½cup extravirgin olive oil 1cup basil leaves plus a few small basil leaves for garnish 1cup flatleaf parsley leaves salt and pepper 2tablespoons unsalted butter 8large eggs lightly beaten ¼cup grated parmesan cheese 1ball of fresh burrata about ½ pound at room temperature

Step 1 after rinsing pat asparagus dry cut crosswise into 1inch pieces alternatively cut into julienne strips put away

Step 2 to create a thin pesto purée the olive oil parsley and basil in a small food processor or blender add pepper and salt for seasoning

Step 3 heat a 10inch castiron skillet or nonstick omelet pan on mediumhigh when heated swirl butter to coat pan then add asparagus add salt and pepper and stir for a minute without browning

Step 4 add eggs quickly and mix with a wooden spoon to make scrambled eggs tipping pan and lifting mixture at sides lets runny egg from top fall to bottom after 3 4 minutes the frittata should be largely set

Step 5 after covering the skillet with a lid turn off the heat give the frittata a minute or two or until its just done and moist alternatively broil the pan for about a minute at a high temperature

Step 6 place entire burrata in frittata center herb pesto drizzle spread burrata over frittata after piercing with knife cut frittata into wedges and serve from pan with basil leaves