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Balance improving exercises to make your workouts better

Nobbe advises starting with a low step or box and progressing to a higher one that develops hip flexion lift the nonplanted leg to parallel the floor when youve mastered that box stepup with knee drive

Onelegged strength routines help you stabilize in offkilter postures while strengthening if youre offkilter with this exercise start with your back leg in a kickstand position placing the toe of your elevated leg on the ground singleleg romanian deadlift

Nobbe says you cant just balance going forward and backward adding side lunges to your routine can help you get more coordinated stable and less likely to get hurt when things dont go as planned lateral lunge

Fetters says this onefoot action provides stability when your center of gravity varies in any way she suggests focusing on a point in front of you or your foot as it moves to enhance your visual balance around the clock

Not only your legs can help you keep your balance and move together this move not only makes your core more stable but it also stabilizes and balances your shoulders and wrists and sneaks in some antirotation stability in the hips plank with shoulder tap

Nelson adds that tugging a wire forces you to practice balance in real life since the weight pulls back on you he suggests completing these rows faster to improve this effect with control pull hard and swiftly cable singlearm row

Dont worry if you cant do a gun squat by yourself just put a chair or bench behind you to start slowly go down until you reach a sitting position then practice getting up from a sitting position singleleg squat to a chair