Best 8 Exercises To Support Strength And Mobility - Martin Baker Orthodontist

Best 8 exercises to support strength and mobility

1 squats squats engage multiple muscle groups promoting lower body strength and flexibility ensure proper form to prevent injury and maximize results

2 deadlifts deadlifts strengthen the posterior chain including the back glutes and hamstrings start with lighter weights and focus on technique before increasing intensity

3 pushups pushups are versatile and effective for building upper body strength and stability modify as needed to accommodate your fitness level

4 lunges lunges improve lower body strength and balance while targeting the quadriceps hamstrings and glutes maintain proper alignment and control throughout the movement

5 planks planks engage the core muscles promoting stability and overall body strength progress by increasing the duration or incorporating variations such as side planks

6 rows rowing exercises target the upper back shoulders and arms enhancing posture and overall upper body strength focus on pulling movements with controlled form

7 glute bridges glute bridges activate the glutes and lower back improving hip mobility and stability squeeze the glutes at the top of the movement for maximum benefit

8 shoulder press shoulder presses strengthen the deltoids and triceps enhancing upper body strength and stability use proper form and start with lighter weights to avoid strain