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Best 95 million priced rare bicentennial quarter and 7 more worth over 260000

1976 bicentennial quarter in mint condition this quarter struck in 1976 to commemorate the bicentennial of the united states is highly sought after by collectors especially in mint condition with a limited mintage of 95 million finding one in pristine state is rare and valuable

High grade 1976 bicentennial quarter with full luster collectors value quarters from the bicentennial year with full luster indicating that the coin has retained its original shine

Pcgs graded 1976 bicentennial quarter professional coin grading service pcgs graded quarters add another layer of authenticity and value to the coin a 1976 bicentennial quarter graded by pcgs guarantees its quality

Ngc certified 1976 bicentennial quarter numismatic guaranty corporation ngc certification is another trusted method of grading coins a 1976 bicentennial quarter certified by ngc assures collectors of its quality

Proof 1976s bicentennial quarter proof quarters are struck using a special process that results in a highly detailed mirrorlike finish the 1976s bicentennial quarter struck in san francisco as a proof coin

Deep cameo 1976s bicentennial quarter deep cameo quarters exhibit a stark contrast between the raised design elements and the mirrored background the 1976s bicentennial quarter in deep cameo finish is particularly desirable

1976 bicentennial quarter error varieties error coins including those from the bicentennial year are highly collectible due to their rarity and uniqueness varieties such as doubled dies offcenter strikes and other minting errors