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Best american singers 9 of the most famous

A household name for over a decade taylor swift continues to dominate the music industry her latest album reputation has been certified platinum in the united states taylor swift

Queen bey shows no signs of slowing down she recently wrapped a soldout world tour and is rumored to be working on new music beyoncé

Ariana grande remains one of pop musics biggest stars her powerful vocals and catchy melodies have won her a legion of fans ariana grande

Drake continues to be a charttopping force his latest album debuted at number one on the billboard 200 chart drake

The weeknds dark and atmospheric music continues to resonate with listeners his latest album explores themes of love loss and redemption the weeknd

A newcomer to the scene olivia rodrigo has taken the world by storm with her debut album sour her relatable lyrics and emotional vocals have struck a chord with millions of fans olivia rodrigo

Lil nas x continues to push boundaries with his genrebending music his music videos are known for their creativity and visual effects lil nas x

Doja cat is a versatile artist who can rap sing and dance her infectious energy and catchy hooks have made her a social media sensation doja cat

Bad bunny is one of the biggest stars in latin music he has successfully crossed over to the mainstream with his collaborations with artists like drake and cardi b bad bunny