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Box office 2024 top 10 movies of the year

Dune part two the adaptation of the wellliked science fiction series that denis villeneuve has been working on continues in stunning form with dune part two which is both visually exhilarating and narratively epic

Kung fu panda 4 although it is beginning to seem as like this series is running out of steam kung fu panda 4 provides enough eyecatching entertainment to keep the franchises young followers interested in continuing to watch it

Godzilla x kong the new empire the overwhelming monstermashing extravaganza is the reason you should go watch godzilla vs kong the new empire and you should even stay for that since the movie doesnt have much more to offer

Ghostbusters frozen empire fans of the first ghostbusters film will find that ghostbusters frozen empire provides a certain level of fun that is powered by nostalgia but this sequel fails to completely ignite due to its packed cast and unexpectedly serious tone

Bob marley one love kingsley benadir does an outstanding job in the lead part but in the end bob marley one love is a typical biopic that does not do credit to the amazing subject matter that it is based on

Mean girls mean girls is a delightful if small remake that has an exceptional ensemble it manages to maintain the core of the original while also adding a few new twists not to mention musical moments

The beekeeper the beekeeper demonstrates that statham has not lost his sting when it comes to delivering actionthriller justice the film is characterized by its cheerful lack of demands and its enjoyable regressive tone

Civil war civil war is a compelling closeup look at the unpredictability of life in a country that is experiencing a crisis it is designed to be difficult and uncomfortable

Argylle argylle gets some mileage out of its humorous and hyperactive twist on the espionage thriller but in the end it wears out its welcome with a complex storyline and an excessively lengthy runtime

Madame web the sincere manner in which madame web tells the narrative of the genesis of the main character has a certain allure yet the script is predictable and the execution is inconsistent which results in a superhero adventure that is easily forgotten