Cavs Ride Mitchell'S 29 To Game 2 Blowout Win Over Celts To Tie Series - Martin Baker Orthodontist

Cavs ride mitchells 29 to game 2 blowout win over celts to tie series

After banking in a 3pointer from a few steps beyond the arc donovan mitchell shrugged and retreated on defense arrow

Mitchell stated sometimes you get lucky after scoring 29 points to help cleveland upset boston 11894 on thursday arrow

The cavaliers blew away the topseeded celtics in boston two nights after dropping the opening by 25 points to square their eastern conference semifinal series arrow

On saturday and monday the teams travel to cleveland for games 3 and 4 arrow

Mitchell had 33 points in the opener but no support in the first half on thursday the cavs allstar took six shots and scored six points with five assists arrow

I hadnt shot much trying to get players engaged early and selecting my areas i kept applying pressure mitchell who had eight assists and seven rebounds remarked arrow

In the second half it was scoring he told sometimes its help sometimes rebound any means necessary arrow

Derrick white who scored 25 points in game 1 to help the celtics win 12095 scored 10 points and missed seven of his eight 3point tries arrow

The cavaliers secured a fifth game in boston on wednesday with the victory they proved they can win on the road with their first postseason triumph arrow