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Cookie recipes from vintage church cookbooks

Amish sugar cookies these oldfashioned amish sugar cookies are very simple to make and taste great this recipe is something ive shared with many friends then i gave it to my sister she took the cookies to a nearby fair and won best of show

Vanilla wafer cookies when you bake these cookies they get soft and crispy at the same time you can add coloured sugar to these vanilla wafers or leave them plain theyre beautiful even though theyre simple

Semisweet chocolate pinwheel cookies chocolate and vanilla together provide a delightful contrast not just in terms of their taste but also in terms of their appearance

White chocolate macadamia nut cookies these buttery white chocolate macadamia nut cookies have a wonderful blend of hawaiian nuts and melty morsels which makes for a superb combination

Church window cookies children really like the coloured marshmallows that are included in these church window cookies which are a huge success with children

Loadedup pretzel cookies these loaded cookies are unlike any other cookies you have ever eaten or dared to reject since they include coconut mms and salty crispy pretzels

Dipped peanut butter sandwich cookies youll love giving these chocolatecovered cookies to your lucky friends in tins its almost too easy to believe how easy the quick holiday recipe is

Easy oatmeal cream pies you only need five things to make these cookies and they taste just like storebought cookies the best way to enjoy anything is to make it yourself