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Creative sweet potato recipe for morning noon and night

Morning 1 sweet potato breakfast burrito sautéed sweet potatoes scrambled eggs black beans and bell peppers rolled in a tortilla

Noon 1 sweet potato and quinoa salad roasted sweet potatoes mixed with quinoa cucumber feta cheese and fresh mint dressed with lemon juice

Afternoon snack 1 sweet potato hummus creamy hummus made with mashed sweet potatoes chickpeas tahini and spices

Evening 1 sweet potato and lentil soup hearty soup with sweet potatoes red lentils onions garlic and warming spices

Dessert 1 sweet potato brownies fudgy brownies made with mashed sweet potatoes almond butter cocoa powder and maple syrup

Latenight snack 1 sweet potato chips thinly sliced sweet potatoes baked with olive oil smoked paprika and garlic powder until crispy

Midnight snack 1 sweet potato toast with avocado toasted sweet potato slices topped with mashed avocado salt pepper and optional toppings like cherry tomatoes or radishes