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Drake rb songs 9 best tracks

Marvins room take care 2011 drake wasnt the first to rap and sing simultaneously lauryn hill won five grammys for her exceptional talent in both postdrake rappers no longer need to find an rb vocalist to deliver a passionate chorus to complement love and loss lines

Jaded scorpion 2018 on jaded the 6 side lieutenant revisits his mistakes with a younger lady the internet claims the female is rb artist and former collaborator jorja smith but drizzy wont confirm

Passionfruit more life 2016 drake called 2017s more life a playlist to let him produce aimlessly without the burden of a formal lp drake continued to experiment with dancehall and found his crown gem with passionfruit

Fire desire views 2016 round of applause for 40 his subaquatic boom bap inspired many of drakes greatest singles and tracks on this list he cleverly transforms brandys first albums three i dedicate songs in different ways

Shot for me take care 2011 i m the man yeah i said it bitch i m the man don t you forget it the way you walk that s me the way you talk that s me the way you got your hair up did you forget that s me and the voice in your speaker right now

Thats how you feel scorpion 2018 drake was in control this song is one of drakes greatest due to cadastres production the hook sampling nicki and dj boof at powerhouse and drakes dissatisfaction in his partner and her antics

Houstalantavegas so far gone 2009 so far gone wasnt drakes first mixtape but it lay the groundwork for his rap and pop music dominance this foundation was built on the narrative of a toronto boy who often visited relatives and friends in the south

The real her feat lil wayne andre 3000 take care 2011 drake became interested in strip clubs after writing houstatlanavegas for so far gone in 2009 as seen on the real her he falls for a gorgeous dancer after two years drizzy wants to kneel and propose after seeing her pole acrobatics

Jungle if youre reading this its too late 2015 the king of ig quotables began jungle in 2015 with a deep truth these days i m letting god handle all things above me jungle is a sad representation of drakes struggle between stardom and his unexplored love journey in his 17track opus