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Eminem returns to the top 40 with one of his most successful albums

The release of eminems new album is slated for later this year this summer will see the release of the death of slim shady coup de grĂ¢ce however the rapper hasnt yet shared any music from the album or disclosed the precise release date

Eminem hits the top of the billboard charts before fans learn anything about the purported death of his alter ego the hiphop artist is no stranger to the weekly charts as he frequently rises and falls however this time one of his most popular releases is rising in four distinct charts and making a huge return in a single lineup

Curtain call with eminem hits increase by quarts this frame is drawn by billboard because a rapper has too many hit songs that americans enjoy and stream on a regular basis interest in his compilations never really goes away

This week curtain call hits its highest quarter ever on the billboard 200 regardless of age or genre the compilation jumped from 53rd to 49th position in the list of the most listened to albums

Curtain call in the preceding tracking frame 17398 equivalent units were moved according to luminate this is a little less than 3 increase over the prior time frame as of its last frame the album has sold just 518 copies the majority of its popularity has come from streaming

Curtain call made a comeback to the top 40 tracks on a different more recent billboard chart eminem has returned to a somewhat competitive level on the most streamed albums ranking his compilation moved up to position 40 from 42 the previous peak was at position 28

Curtain call is also a major success for the groups two genrespecific albums as was to be expected this time the compilation comes in at number seventeen on the list of the top twenty best rbhiphop albums the album nearly makes a comeback to the top ten in a little more indepth ranking of the greatest rap albums coming in at number 12

Ceosone of eminems greatest albums is still in demand thanks to lose yourselfhugh mcintyre