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Enhance your gray hair 9 expert tips

While there are many exterior ways to care for your hair the expression beauty comes from within is true for hair health improve hair health from the inside out

Like skin hair may be burned or damaged by the sun and hair without pigment is more susceptible protect your hair from uv damage

When becoming gray hair with two colors or textures might be difficult however there are ways to ease the transition to gray hair smooth the transition

Grey hair is drier making it more susceptible to heat styling and hard treatment thus heatless curls might be a good alternative to heat styling be gentle with your hair

Grey hair appears when the scalps sebaceous glands generate less oil making it drier and rougher restore moisture with deep conditioning treatments

If your hair is extremely damaged by bleach or heat damage try applying a bond builder to mend strands from the inside out while hydrating consider using a bond builder

Hair without pigment easily absorbs environmental color smoking including secondhand smoke medicines scalp oil sun and chlorine can make grey hair yellow prevent yellowing

You may maximize your gray hair with young stylish and lowmaintenance styles consider choosing something that frames and flatters your face consider changing your hairstyle

Certain colors make grey hair seem beautiful and stunning beauty experts recommend black white charcoal and rich jewel tones like emerald sapphire citrine and ruby wear colours that compliment your grey hair