Flavorful Mix And Match Pasta Sauce And Ravioli Filling Recipe - Oasis Caribbean Restaurant

Flavorful mix and match pasta sauce and ravioli filling recipe

Fresh pasta dough for ravioli a delicate fresh pasta dough encases a savory filling creating delectable ravioli pillows bursting with flavor

Ingredients 1 allpurpose flour 2 eggs 3 olive oil 4 salt 5 water

Step 1 combine flour and salt in a bowl make a well add eggs olive oil and water

Step 2 gradually incorporate flour into the wet ingredients until a dough forms

Step 3 knead the dough until smooth and elastic then let it rest for 30 minutes

Step 4 roll out the dough thinly ensuring even thickness throughout

Step 5 cut the dough into squares spoon filling onto half seal edges and cook until tender