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Foods high in soluble fibre 10 options to improve gut health

Oats arrow per cup oats comprise 19 grams of soluble fiber oats are an excellent source of the soluble fiber betaglucan which aids in cholesterol reduction and cardiac health

Legumes arrow a rich source of soluble fiber legumes are beneficial for the digestive system blood sugar regulation and plantbased protein

Flaxseeds arrow flaxseeds are an exceptional source of omega3 fatty acids and soluble fiber which support digestive function reduce inflammation and promote cardiac health

Chia seeds arrow chia seeds are an excellent source of soluble fiber and omega3 fatty acids which support digestive health reduce inflammation and aid in weight management

Psyllium husk arrow as an exceptionally concentrated source of soluble fiber pseudomembrane husk aids in cholesterol reduction digestive movement regulation and satiety

Sweet potatoes arrow antioxidants and soluble fiber are abundant in sweet potatoes which promote digestive health blood sugar regulation and immunity enhancement

Brussels sprouts arrow brussels sprouts contain an abundance of vitamins minerals and soluble fiber

Apples arrow apples are an excellent source of pectin a soluble fiber that aids in weight management blood sugar regulation and digestive health

Carrots arrow carrots are rich in soluble fiber which promotes healthy skin and vision regulates blood sugar and supports digestive health

Berries arrow blueberries and strawberries are particularly abundant in soluble fiber antioxidants and vitamins