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Hiit workouts for beginners that will burn calories and boost your metabolism

Beginners tabata this workout consists of 20 seconds of highintensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated for four minutes choose one exercise such as jumping jacks high knees or mountain climbers and perform it at maximum intensity learn more arrow

Interval joggingwalking alternate between jogging and walking for set intervals for example jog for 1 minute followed by walking for 2 minutes gradually increase the jogging intervals as you build stamina learn more arrow

Bodyweight circuit perform a series of bodyweight exercises in circuit fashion with minimal rest between exercises include exercises like squats pushups lunges burpees and planks aim for 3060 seconds of work followed by 1530 seconds learn more arrow

Cardio blast alternate between cardio exercises like jumping jacks high knees butt kicks and skaters for 3060 seconds each rest for 3060 seconds between exercises repeat for 1020 minutes learn more arrow

Pyramid intervals start with a short work interval eg 20 seconds and gradually increase it with each set eg 30 40 50 seconds then decrease back down rest for half the duration of the work interval between sets learn more arrow

Stair climbing find a set of stairs or use a step platform alternate between climbing stairs at a fast pace and walking or jogging down start with 510 minutes and gradually increase the duration as you progress learn more arrow

Jump rope hiit jump rope at a fast pace for 3060 seconds followed by 3060 seconds of rest repeat for 1020 minutes if youre a beginner start with shorter intervals and gradually increase intensity and duration learn more arrow

Cardio kickboxing perform a series of cardio kickboxing moves such as punches kicks and knee strikes at a high intensity for 3060 seconds each rest for 3060 seconds between exercises repeat for 1020 minutes learn more arrow

Cycling sprints whether on a stationary bike or outdoors alternate between moderatepaced cycling and sprints start with 30 seconds of sprinting followed by 12 minutes of moderate cycling repeat for 1020 minutes learn more arrow