How Do You Find Good Child Care While Traveling? - Martin Baker Orthodontist

How do you find good child care while traveling

Most hotels dont hire babysitters but they have a list of local companies you may call learn more arrow

These organizations are regulated and bonded in their state and require sitters to take multiple certification programs before working with kids learn more arrow

If youre visiting a town or location where you have friends with children ask them for childcare referrals such as their friday babysitter another provider or even a family learn more arrow

Despite your friends advice interview the sitter yourself and ask all the questions you would a new sitter at home learn more arrow

These resorts provide inhouse babysitters and extendedhours kids clubs learn more arrow

That way you and your spouse may sneak away for a few hours even to the adultsonly pool or hotel restaurant learn more arrow

Uncertain about hiring a sitter ask your parents or relatives to join you that way you can leave for a few hours without worry learn more arrow

Asking your normal babysitter or nanny to go with you may make the most sense as you trust them and your child is comfortable with them learn more arrow