How To Add Volume To Hair Using 8 Hair-Licious Hacks - Martin Baker Orthodontist

How to add volume to hair using 8 hairlicious hacks

1 choose the right shampoo opt for volumizing formulas that are lightweight and wont weigh your hair down look for products with ingredients like rice protein or collagen to boost volume from the roots

2 blow dry upside down flip your hair upside down while blow drying to create instant lift at the roots use a round brush to lift the hair away from the scalp as you dry for added volume

3 use velcro rollers after blow drying set sections of hair in velcro rollers while they cool this helps to lock in volume and adds naturallooking bounce to your locks

4 tease at the roots gently backcomb the roots of your hair to create volume without damaging the strands focus on the crown area for added lift then smooth the surface for a polished finish

5 opt for layered haircuts consider getting layers added to your haircut to remove excess weight and add movement layers help to create the illusion of volume especially for those with fine hair

6 invest in a quality dry shampoo dry shampoo not only refreshes your hair between washes but also adds texture and volume apply it at the roots and massage it in to absorb excess oil and boost volume

7 try a volumizing mousse apply a golf ballsized amount of volumizing mousse to damp hair focusing on the roots this helps to plump up the hair shaft and create longlasting volume throughout the day

8 finish with a texturizing spray to add extra oomph to your style mist a texturizing spray all over your hair this helps to create separation and definition while adding volume and hold without stiffness