Makeup Mastery: 9 Tricks For Mature Beauty - Martin Baker Orthodontist

Makeup mastery 9 tricks for mature beauty

Hydrate your skin before applying makeup hydrating skin before wearing makeup is a must for older ladies dry drab mature skin makes makeup cakey and accentuates wrinkles arrow

Choose a lightweight foundation with a luminous finish another mature skin makeup advice is to use a lightweight moisturizing luminous foundation arrow

Use concealer sparingly and strategically concealer may disguise dark circles blemishes and other defects but too much or improper application can backfire arrow

Add some colour and glow to your cheeks the loss of natural blush and shine as we age can make us seem pale and washed out use blush and highlighter that match your skin tone to perk up your complexion arrow

Enhance your eyes with soft colors and textures less is more for elderly womens eye makeup older eyes have increased hooding sagging and crepiness making eye makeup untidy or harsh arrow

Define your brows with a light hand as they frame your eyes and balance your features brows are crucial to your face as we age our brows flatten and lose color arrow

Keep your lips moisturized and plump in addition to losing volume and moisture lips acquire small wrinkles with age apply lip balm or oil throughout the day to keep lips hydrated arrow

Set your makeup with a hydrating spray in conclusion older ladies should set their makeup with a moisturizing spray setting sprays keep makeup from fading or smudging all day arrow

Experiment with different looks and have fun finally older ladies should have fun with cosmetics and try new styles makeup is a creative outlet and selfexpression not a duty arrow