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Mcdonald s breakfast is healthier than you thinkif you order these items

Egg white delight mcmuffin this sandwich features egg whites canadian bacon and white cheddar cheese on a wholegrain english muffin its a lowercalorie and lowerfat option compared to the traditional egg mcmuffin

Fruit maple oatmeal made with oatmeal diced apples cranberries and raisins this breakfast option provides fiber and vitamins you can request it without the brown sugar for a healthier choice

Fruit n yogurt parfait a mix of lowfat vanilla yogurt fresh berries and granola provides a balanced breakfast option with protein fiber and vitamins

Hash browns while not the healthiest option on its own a small order of hash browns can be a satisfying side just be mindful of portion size and balance it with other healthier choices

Apple slices mcdonalds offers apple slices as a side option providing a serving of fruit for added nutrition to your meal

English muffin if you prefer a simple option you can order a plain english muffin as a lighter choice compared to some of the heavier breakfast sandwiches

Coffee or tea opt for black coffee or unsweetened tea as a beverage choice to keep your breakfast lower in calories and added sugars

Mcwrap breakfast choose the grilled chicken option in a mcwrap which includes egg whites vegetables and a wholegrain wrap for a balanced meal

Hotcakes with syrup on the side if youre craving something sweet you can order hotcakes with syrup on the side this allows you to control the amount of syrup you use reducing added sugars