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Our 10 best shrimp recipes of all time

Garlic butter shrimp sauté shrimp in a skillet with garlicinfused butter lemon juice and parsley serve over pasta or with crusty bread for dipping

Shrimp scampi cook shrimp in a garlic and white wine sauce finished with butter and fresh parsley serve over linguine or with crusty bread

Grilled shrimp skewers marinate shrimp in a mixture of olive oil garlic lemon juice and herbs thread onto skewers and grill until cooked through serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon

Shrimp tacos season shrimp with taco seasoning and sauté until cooked serve in warm tortillas with shredded lettuce diced tomatoes avocado slices and a squeeze of lime

Coconut shrimp dip shrimp in beaten egg then coat in a mixture of shredded coconut and breadcrumbs fry until golden brown and crispy serve with a sweet chili dipping sauce

Shrimp stirfry sauté shrimp with mixed vegetables such as bell peppers broccoli and snap peas in a flavorful stirfry sauce serve over rice or noodles

Shrimp alfredo toss cooked shrimp with fettuccine pasta and a creamy alfredo sauce made with butter cream garlic and parmesan cheese garnish with chopped parsley and extra parmesan

Shrimp and grits sauté shrimp with bacon onions and bell peppers in a cajunspiced sauce serve over creamy cheesy grits for a southerninspired dish

Shrimp cocktail poach shrimp in a seasoned broth then chill and serve with cocktail sauce made from ketchup horseradish lemon juice and worcestershire sauce

Lemon garlic shrimp pasta cook pasta according to package instructions meanwhile sauté shrimp with garlic lemon zest and red pepper flakes in olive oil toss with cooked pasta chopped parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice