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Our 8 best highprotein breakfast recipes you ll want to make forever

Our 8 best highprotein breakfast recipes you ll want to make forever these candyflavored jars provide a twist to overnight oats the white chocolate shell resembles a peanut butter cup for a pleasant breakfast sprinkle peanuts on top for crunch

Egg spinach cheddar breakfast sandwich fill up on this speedy egg spinach and cheddar breakfast sandwich its quick and you may already have the ingredients so you can bypass the shop before your hectic workday

Frittata with asparagus leek ricotta this spring veggie frittata goes well with arugula salad and crusty toast tip prepare all ingredients before cooking this meal which cooks rapidly

Makeahead freezer breakfast burritos with eggs cheese spinach delicious breakfast burritos with eggs spinach serrano peppers and cheese make mornings simpler keep a batch of these burritos in the freezer for months

Cheesy egg quesadilla with spinach a quick proteinpacked breakfast is a spinachcheese quesadilla with a sunnysideup egg for spiciness add spicy sauce

Brownie batter overnight oats like dessert for breakfast or vice versa browniebatter overnight oats are a tasty breakfast or dessert the melting chocolate shell adds texture and flavor and is pleasant to eat

Cauliflower eggs benedict with turmeric yogurt sauce to add vegetables to your morning meal we substitute roasted cauliflower steaks for english muffins turmerics bright color offers the sauce hollandaiselike qualities but is easier to create

Spinach egg tacos spinach cheese and salsa make a quick tasty breakfast with hardboiled eggs mashed avocado adds creaminess and lime juice acidity