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Our 8 best highprotein salads for lunch

Offwhite section separator with a protein boost from easy quickmarinated chicken cutlets this chicken caprese salad has all the vibrant fresh tastes of a traditional caprese salad purchase presliced chicken cutlets to make preparation even easier this chicken caprese salad has 39 grams of protein

Offwhite section separator enjoy this colorful and substantial salad for supper or lunch the salad is prepared in the same dish as the dressing allowing the greens to fully absorb the flavor chopped power salad with chicken

Offwhite section separator put a basic cobb salad inverted in a mason jar for a nutritious lunch that will stay crisp in the refrigerator all morning alternatively prepare it the night before for a simple grabandgo meal in the morning classic cobb mason jar salad

Offwhite section separator fried falafel using a deep fryer may be quite oily still with only a few teaspoons of oil these panseared falafel become crispy and provide an equally pleasant outcome falafel salad with lemontahini dressing

Offwhite section separator these substantial kale salads are ideal for meal prep lunches since they keep nicely for four days just before serving season this salad and sprinkle the peanuts on top to prevent the contents from becoming mushy sweet potato kale chicken salad with peanut dressing

Offwhite section separator the good news is that you can make these simple mealprep meals in only 20 minutes which equates to less than 30 minutes for 4 days of lunches chicken caprese pasta salad bowls

Offwhite section separator the crispy sweet tuberous root of a central american legume is called jicama if you like it in salads consider serving sticks of it with your next spread of crudités southwest chopped salad with tomatillo dressing

Offwhite section separator the traditional greek salad of romaine tomatoes cucumbers feta and olives gains nutrition with edamame accompany with warm pita bread that has been dipped in olive oil and dusted with zaatar greek salad with edamame