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Our favorite 9 parenting secrets from various cultures that will make your life easier

Even in winter norwegian babies slumber in their prams parents feel fresh air regardless of temperature improves sleep and wellness norwegian outdoor naps

Italian families make family dinners a regular practice one event is about socializing sharing tales and enjoying one others company not simply eating italian family dinners

This method promotes peace and wellbeing by teaching children contentment and not overindulging finding delight in simplicity is the lesson swedish ‘lagom’

Kenyan moms carry their newborns on their backs wrapped in colorful cloths this approach secures the infant and lets parents go about their business kenyan baby carrying

This inventive method turns grains veggies and proteins into familiar characters and settings making mealtime fun for youngsters japanese lunch art

French parents introduce their kids to several cuisines early on eating meals as a journey via flavors and sensations encourages youngsters to be adventurous french culinary adventures

Finnish ‘sisu’ means determination and resilience parents teach their children to overcome obstacles with courage and tenacity as growth opportunities finnish ‘sisu’

Brazils beaches are learning playgrounds games and exploration teach kids nature physics and collaboration brazilian beach play

Icelanders value reading especially during long winter evenings families read together establishing a love of books and stories icelandic reading rituals