Parenting Hacks: 9 Genius Tips For Making Life With Kids Easier - Martin Baker Orthodontist

Parenting hacks 9 genius tips for making life with kids easier

Morning routine mastery without a schedule for yourself and the kids mornings may ruin you use dailylabeled boxes to prepare a week of kids clothes on sunday learn more arrow

Mealtime made easy batch cook and freeze portions for healthy convenient meals on busy days rotating meal plans reduce decision fatigue and speed up grocery shopping and cooking learn more arrow

Organization for sanity organization is crucial especially with several kids a family command center with calendars chore lists and essential notes keeps everyone in sync learn more arrow

Bedtime routine strategy start bedtime with a playlist of relaxing music or audio storytelling make a “10minute tidy” before sleep a game to get youngsters to pick up their toys fast learn more arrow

Playtime productivity change toys in and out of storage to keep playtime interesting and reduce clutter kids adore games and are continuously aroused by sights noises and sensations learn more arrow

Homework help hub to help them focus provide a homework space with plenty of resources and minimal distractions learn more arrow

Organize a creative space though painting is crucial to creative expression cleaning up afterward may be a pain hanging shoe organizers make art supplies easy for youngsters to reach and clean learn more arrow

Monitor screen time screens are helpful but should be monitored throughout life parents should place gadget charging stations outside bedrooms to prevent latenight device use learn more arrow

Traveling with tots traveling with young children is one of the hardest parenting tasks ive learnt from a seasoned mom learn more arrow