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Parenting on a budget 8 tips for affordable childcare alternatives

Arrow join or form a babysitting cooperative parents wishing to save money can consider a babysitting group parents in a coop take turns babysitting each others kids saving money on babysitters

Arrow explore employersponsored childcare programs many firms increasingly understand the need of childcare help companies offer subsidies onsite daycare flexible spending accounts or discounted local childcare partnerships

Arrow join or form a babysitting cooperative community centers ymcas and recreation facilities offer cheap afterschool and summer programming

Arrow rely on extended family try a daycare swap or ask for help a couple days a week if you have local family grandparents aunts uncles and other relatives like spending time with children

Arrow opt for inhome daycare inhome childcare is cheaper than huge facilities a more intimate daycare setting is provided by these homebased enterprises

Arrow investigate government and nonprofit programs for lowincome families and those in need government and nonprofit initiatives can provide affordable childcare

Arrow share a nanny two or more families hiring one nanny and splitting the cost is another good approach to manage childcare expenditures

Arrow schedule work flexibly by matching your work schedule to your partners you may take turns caring for your kid decreasing the need for outside daycare