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Plants to make your balcony smell nice 8 fragrant options perfect for pots

Roses are a patio favorite for their enticing perfume compact cultivars like nature hills apricothued just joey are ideal for balcony pots jessica mercer of plant addicts recommends hybrid tea roses or tiny roses which look like their bigger counterparts but are smaller arrow 1 roses

Potted spring bulbs may brighten a balcony after winter hyacinths have great aroma they also make excellent interior cut flowers hyacinth bulbs may be bought as plug plants in spring or planted in pots in autumn bulbs need welldraining soil to avoid rotting arrow 2 hyacinths

With its fragrant summer blossoms lowgrowing sweet alyssum softens balcony pot or hanging basket edges in coastal gardens it thrives in welldraining sunny soil burpees carpet of snow and royal carpet seeds produce small white and purple flowers respectively arrow 3 sweet alyssum

These cheerful potted plants geraniums provide color to a sunny balcony and are a favorite for mediterranean landscapes the scented foliage is lovely and various types smell different i like rosescented ones although apple citrus and mint are all available arrow 4 scented pelargoniums

Jessica responds gardenias have fragrant blossoms too gardenias traditional aroma has floral fruity and vanilla overtones according to jessica not all gardenias are ideal for container gardening so choose ones under three feet tall arrow 5 gardenias

Laural is one of the greatest plants for balcony scent according to ferrymorse gardening expert rebecca sears she explains this perennial herb will come back year after year arrow 6 lavender

Rebecca says not only will this plant provide some lovely colorful blossoms to your area but the leaves will bring a herbal lemony aroma like a cup of earl grey tea she also notes that it attracts bees butterflies and hummingbirds arrow 7 bee balm

Mint spreads fast so grow it in pots if you want a balcony herb garden its easycare and fragrant freshly cut aromatic leaves enhance salads sweets and hot or cold beverages variety includes pineapple mint from burpee which bears variegated leaves arrow 8 mint