Set Children Up For Day Care Success: 6 Ways Parents Can Prep Little Ones For Child Care - Martin Baker Orthodontist

Set children up for day care success 6 ways parents can prep little ones for child care

Family features long days of school first day care excursions and returning from athome care may be stressful for parents and children

Keeping kids healthy feeding them and more might be difficult in this new journey leaving a child at day care might cause maternal separation anxiety

Keep important factors top of mind in honor of the first day of day care casares reminds parents that while intimidating it offers new experiences new friends and possibilities for growth enjoyment and healthy development

Support their immune systems give kids a variety of healthy foods when they start day care building immunity requires a diet rich in fruits vegetables and healthy grains

Put nutrition on the menu once youngsters start eating finger foods casares suggests gerber peach puffs fruit and veggie melts and wonderfoods superfood hearts which come in several flavors and include nutrients for optimal health

Be prepared for separation anxiety some babies and toddlers have separation anxiety so be prepared casares recommends including a familiar swaddling blanket in diaper bags to calm babies

Pack the essentials healthy meals like gerber fruit and veggie pouch blends are important but there are additional daily needs include breast milk formula bottles snacks and meals

Prepare for appetite changes during their first few days in child care youngsters may eat less as they adjust to their new surroundings parents can handle these changes by accepting them as part of the process