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Brush stroke summer delight recipe how to make perfect mango sticky rice

Brush stroke thai mango sticky rice thai mango sticky rice is a beloved dessert from thailand paired with fresh honey mangoes its easy to make at home heres a quick guide to preparing it

Brush stroke ingredients 12 cup glutinous rice 12 cup thin coconut milk see notes 12 cup thick coconut milk 2 tbsp coconut cream optional 3 tbsp sugar adjust to taste

Brush stroke ingredients 12 tsp of salt 1 ripe mango preferably thai honey mango 2 tsp white sesame seeds toasted for garnish

Brush stroke step 1 soak 12 cup of glutinous rice in 2 cups of water for 30 minutes add 12 cup of thin coconut milk to the soaking water without draining it

Brush stroke step 2 simmer the rice on low heat until it is cooked and soft if the rice dries out add a bit more water

Brush stroke step 3 the rice will become mushy as it continues to cook and soften in a separate pan simmer 12 cup of thick coconut milk with 3 tbsp of sugar and 12 tsp of salt on very low heat until it starts to bubble

Brush stroke step 4 add the simmered coconut milk mixture to the cooked rice and mix well cover the mixture and let it sit for 1530 minutes until the rice fully absorbs the coconut milk