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The 10 best lowmaintenance landscape ideas for your front yard

Select the right plant for the right place by reading the plant tag or description sun lovers need sun while shade lovers will struggle in hot sun pay attention to sun exposure

Evergreens come in various shades and provide yearround interest opt for dwarf varieties for small spaces and those that maintain their shape without pruning go with evergreens

Flowering trees like kousa dogwood and redbud add beauty with minimal upkeep they provide seasonal interest without creating a mess when flowers drop use a flowering tree as a focal point

Raised beds made from natural stone keep the yard neat and are longlasting invest in raised beds

For fences and decks choose durable materials like brazilian ipe black locust composite decking and vinyl or hardwood fencing to ensure longevity opt for durable materials

Ornamental grasses like carex and hakonechloa add texture and are hardy deerresistant and lowmaintenance plant ornamental grasses

Hardy shrub roses like knockouts are diseaseresistant selfcleaning and bloom from spring to frost without needing constant care add shrub roses to beds and borders

Plant daffodils hyacinths and muscari in the fall for reliable spring blooms tulips need replanting annually as they dont perform well in subsequent years plant springflowering bulbs

Window boxes provide seasonal color and can be easily changed selfwatering containers reduce the need for frequent watering hang window boxes

Perennials like catmint and coreopsis for full sun and heuchera and dicentra for part sun return each year making them a great longterm investment make perennials part of your landscape