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The 10 healthiest whole grains to eat

Whole oats whole oats are packed with vitamins minerals fiber and antioxidants they are great for digestion and lowering cholesterol

Whole wheat whole wheat is rich in antioxidants vitamins and dietary fiber always choose whole wheat to ensure you get all the nutrients

Wholegrain rye rye is more nutritious than wheat high in fiber and better for blood sugar control look for dark rye flour rye meal or pumpernickel for whole grain benefits

Buckwheat buckwheat is a glutenfree pseudocereal rich in nutrients and resistant starch which benefits gut health and blood sugar control

Bulgur wheat bulgur wheat is low in fat and high in fiber and minerals it s commonly used in middle eastern cuisine and linked to lower inflammation and heart health

Millet millet is a nutrientrich glutenfree ancient grain that can help reduce inflammation and improve blood sugar control

Whole barley hulled barley is a nutrientdense whole grain rich in minerals and fiber promoting digestive health and lowering cholesterol

Spelt spelt is an ancient whole wheat with high levels of zinc and protein it s nutritious but contains gluten and antinutrients that can be reduced by sprouting or soaking

Quinoa quinoa is a superfood packed with vitamins minerals fiber and antioxidants it provides complete proteins making it ideal for vegetarians and vegans

Brown rice brown rice is a whole grain with more fiber vitamins and minerals than white rice its a great glutenfree option that supports overall health