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The 10 houseplant every stylist swears by

Golden pothos a fastgrowing plant perfect for filling up empty spaces quickly with its variegated heartshaped leaves and lowlight tolerance its an easycare option for any room available for 1699 on amazon

Philodendron similar to pothos in appearance philodendrons are ideal for hanging baskets or urns theyre lowmaintenance like pothos requiring minimal watering and care available for 3800 on the sill

Aloe vera known for its healing gel aloe vera thrives in sunlight and requires infrequent watering its a popular succulent that can be propagated easily available for 1048 on walmart

Peace lily a tropical flowering plant that flourishes in indirect light and moist soil regular watering and sunlight ensure plenty of blooms available for 1698 on the home depot

Snake plant nearly indestructible snake plants tolerate any light condition and prefer drier soil theyre perfect for beginners or those with busy schedules available for 3800 on the sill

Zz plant an exceptionally easytocarefor plant zz plants thrive in low light and can go weeks between waterings their shiny waxy leaves add a touch of green to any space available for 13800 on the sill

Fiddle leaf fig tree known for its broad leaves this tree makes a statement in large spaces it requires plenty of light and a warm humid environment available for 3186 on amazon

Spider plant a classic favorite spider plants are lowmaintenance and produce pups that can be propagated theyre perfect for hanging pots available for 3498 on amazon

English ivy while aggressive outdoors english ivy is wellcontained indoors it prefers moist soil and bright indirect light available for 8800 on terrain

Chinese money plant ideal for beginners this plant requires minimal light and water it grows quickly and can be easily propagated available for 999 on walmart