The 6 Best Types Of Exercise To Relieve Fibromyalgia Pain, According To Experts - Martin Baker Orthodontist

The 6 best types of exercise to relieve fibromyalgia pain according to experts

1 lowimpact aerobics wear walking shoes walking or using an elliptical may help moderate fibromyalgia dr khandelwal believes cardiovascular activity enhances bone and muscular strength by oxygenating muscles arrow

2 water aerobics with severe fibromyalgia the pool may be your happy spot water aerobics is gentler adds dr khandelwal an october 2014 cochrane study found that instructorled aquatic exercise instruction may improve fitness arrow

3 light strength training take some light dumbbells or a resistance band a 2015 research in arthritis research therapy suggests a customized resistancetraining plan to alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms lightweight weights are crucial arrow

4 tai chi calm your symptoms with this slowflow mindbody workout the guided lowimpact movement involved in tai chi allows for lots of stretching which can help relax your tight muscles tendons and ligaments arrow

5 restorative yoga practicing mindful yoga may dramatically improve fibromyalgia symptoms according to a january 2016 research in the international journal of yoga therapy dr khandelwal recommends a mild class arrow

6 stretching and breathwork people with fibromyalgia tend to have issues with connective tissue so stretching can be helpful says natalie rosenstein dpt ryt a physical therapist with rush university arrow