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The 7 best fish to eat in 2024

1 alaskan salmon the superiority of farmed salmon over wild salmon is a topic of discussion although farmed salmon is far less expensive depending on whether it is fortified or not it may have less omega3s and less vitamins and minerals arrow

2 cod this lightcolored fish is an excellent provider of b12 niacin and phosphorus about 15 to 20 grams of protein are found in a 3ounce cooked mealĀ for a lovely accompaniment try serving fish with a piccata sauce like in this dish arrow

3 herring like sardines herring is a fatty fish that tastes great smoked however smoked fish is high in sodium so eat it in moderation arrow

4 mahimahi mahimahi is a robust fish from the tropics that can withstand practically any cooking it is occasionally mistaken for the mammal dolphin due to its common name dolphinfish but fear not they are quite distinct arrow

5 mackerel mackerel is an oily fish that is high in good fats as contrast to white fish that is leaner because king mackerel has a high mercury content choose smaller or lesser mercury mackerel options instead arrow

6 perch perch is a mediumtextured white fish that may inhabit both fresh and oceanic waters it pairs well with a rich panko breading like this one due to its light flavor arrow

7 rainbow trout because farmed rainbow trout are raised in environments free from pollutants they are in fact a safer option than wild trout additionally its among the least harmful fish varieties to consume in terms of the ecosystem according to the monterey bay aquarium seafood watch arrow