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The 7 clingy dog breeds that require the most cuddles

Labrador retriever labs are known for their friendliness and friendship they like human connection and exhibit their devotion with tail wags and nuzzles no surprise theyre a popular family breed arrow

Golden retriever golden retrievers are calm kind and affectionate dogs their warm expressive eyes seem to reach into your soul beckoning for another hug their human pals can always count on them for comfort or delight arrow

Cavalier king charles spaniel their exquisite beauty and kind nature make these canines appreciate being touched they love snuggling on a lap or playing with their favorite people this breeds royal heritage doesnt impair its friendly and accessible nature arrow

Pit bull terrier pit bulls love their owners and thrive on affection despite their bad image they adore snuggles and seek physical contact with their human relatives loyalty and affection characterize their trust relationships arrow

Boxer boxers are lively playful and very loyal to their owners they welcome with enthusiasm and want to be near believing theyre lap dogs despite their size their caring protective attitude makes them good companions arrow

Bichon frise these fluffy white clouds of joy are always ready to snuggle the bichon frise loves attention and will play they attach and soothe their owners reflecting their feelings arrow

Italian greyhound slim and elegant italian greyhounds love cuddling theyre loyal to their owners following them around these lovely spirits enjoy a warm lap to practically anything else arrow