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The 7 healthiest whole grains to eat x

Traditionally barley has been used in salads soups grain bowls and other dishes in addition to having a variety of phytochemicals and the soluble fiber betaglucan it has more dietary fiber than any other grain learn more barley arrow

This grain from south america cooks in around 15 minutes on average which is why meal preppers adore it quinoa is also very nutrientdense it includes all of the essential amino acids learn more quinoa arrow

Amaranth is a little whole grain that is free of gluten compared to buckwheat and rye amaranth has a greater protein level ranging from 14 to 15 it is rich in phosphorus manganese and magnesium and contains phytochemicals learn more amaranth arrow

This glutenfree whole grain is commonly consumed as granola pancakes crepes and japanese noodles soba noodles it can also be eaten as cereal kasha learn more buckwheat arrow

Heres how to remember teff in an easy way the primary component of ethiopian injera bread it is the tiniest grain known to man along with amaranth its one of the highest protein grains learn more teff arrow

Polyphenols found in oats have potent antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties additionally they contain a lot of betaglucan a soluble fiber that lowers ldl bad cholesterol and may cut the chance of developing learn more oats arrow

A popular grain in italy and the mediterranean region is farro there are two primary varieties pearled farro which is treated to speed up cooking and traditional farro which is unprocessed learn more farro arrow