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The 7 most active dog breeds to take on weekend adventures

These beautiful pomeranian puppies would look great in a carton next to your feet on an aeroplane their quietness helps as you may have to deal with their anxieties pomeranians are perfect for longhaul trips since their boxes learn more pomeranian arrow

Another little dog that behaves well when slung wheeled in an elevated vehicle seat or under an aircraft seat is the chihuahua despite being nervous theyre delighted to see their families and take the vacation learn more chihuahua arrow

Bichon frise pets will win over vacationers they like to sleep and smell new things making them good travel companions bichon frise companionship provides joy and excitement learn more bichon frise arrow

Labs like vacations despite their inability to fit in airplane crates with their owners things these mutts are happiest with their families sitting on the seat and looking out the window with flapping ears and a continuous grin learn more labrador retriever arrow

These brave dogs will accompany you on any mode of transportation the chaos of boarding and checkin wont bother this breed which can fit in the cabin with you additionally cavaliers like the attention from other passengers learn more cavalier king charles spaniel arrow

Comfortable travel with a large great dane requires a backseat you must carry plenty of dog food or they will go nuts in the car however great danes make great pets camping rving and driving companions learn more great dane arrow

A dachshund is full of life and will adjust gracefully to any journey aside from enjoying relaxing walks and pretending to hunt these pups also like being pushed in a stroller when their short legs tire learn more dachshund arrow