The 7 Unhealthiest Nut Butters On Grocery Shelves - Martin Baker Orthodontist

The 7 unhealthiest nut butters on grocery shelves

Contains multiple sources of added sugars including grape juice high fructose corn syrup corn syrup and dextrose contributing 18 grams of added sugar per serving smuckers goober grape pbj stripes

Made with honeyroasted peanuts and additional mixins like toffee and rice krispies resulting in higher saturated fat and lower protein than traditional peanut butter b happy go lucky peanut butter milk chocolate toffee rice crispies

Contains fully hydrogenated oils which increase ldl bad cholesterol and decrease hdl good cholesterol and mono and diglycerides processed fats used to prevent oil separation jif reduced fat creamy peanut butter

Contains added sugars and salt as well as palm oil which is high in saturated fat and can negatively impact serum cholesterol levels and heart disease risk skippy natural peanut butter with honey

Includes fun toppings like white and dark chocolate chips and honey which increase the sugar content and caloric density potentially complicating weight management b happy joy to the world peanut butter cranberries white chocolate dark chocolate

Contains hydrogenated vegetable oil which has negative effects on blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease skippy reduced fat peanut butter

Contains palm oil and 6 grams of added sugars per serving contributing to an increased risk of high triglyceride levels and cardiovascular disease peanut butter co white chocolatey wonderful