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The 8 best lowmaintenance landscape ideas for your front yard

As you may have heard cervoni advises selecting the appropriate plant for the location before purchasing a plant always read the tag or description to ensure you are providing it with the right circumstances for growth learn more pay attention sun exposure arrow

Beautiful evergreens are available in every hue from chartreuse to teal if space is limited choose smaller types for the lowest maintenance choose those that retain their natural rounded or conical shape without requiring trimming learn more go with evergreens arrow

A nice barrier that keeps your front yard tidy is provided by raised beds natural stone is very beautiful and durable learn more invest in raised beds arrow

According to cervoni ornamental grasses are especially lovely since they are resilient resistant to deer and gorgeous when they blow in the wind to provide texture and interest hachnechloa and carex are lovely choices learn more plant ornamental grasses arrow

Are roses your favorite flower next stick to hardy shrub rose varieties like knockouts they are more disease resistant and selfcleaning dropping wasted blooms without the need for pruning moreover they bloom continuously from spring till frost learn more add shrub roses to beds and borders arrow

Color may be added to a landscape without breaking the bank with window boxes additionally you can switch up your plantings according to the season such as choosing autumn mums or springflowering bulbs learn more hang window boxes arrow

Is your front yard devoid of planting beds for a garden that you can move whenever and wherever you like arrange a variety of pots of varying sizes the several kinds of succulents that you see here are droughttolerant and provide the garden wonderful shape and texture learn more create a container garden arrow

Plan your garden for autumn as well since ornamental maples are usually small trees they provide color splashes without requiring a lot of raking learn more plant for fall color arrow