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The 9 best beauty looks from the 2024 met gala

Known for her chameleonic beauty choices zendaya surprised with two distinct looks first a dramatic smokey eye with a flawless complexion complemented her flowing white maison margiela gown zendaya

Embracing old hollywood glamour kylie jenners oscar de la renta gown was mirrored by her beauty look think sharp winged eyeliner flawless skin and a classic red lip timeless elegance personified kylie jenner

Not to be outdone venus williams channeled diana ross with a colorful marc jacobs gown and a beauty look to match a vibrant eyeshadow palette and voluminous lashes added a touch of playfulness to her overall look venus williams

Always pushing boundaries fka twigs embraced an avantgarde aesthetic jewel embellishments were scattered across her face like constellations creating a truly unique and unforgettable look fka twigs

Michelle yeoh radiated power and grace with a bold red lip and a flawless complexion her makeup was minimal yet striking perfectly complementing her elegant gown michelle yeoh

Taking a more gothic approach emma chamberlain sported an intense smoky eye with dark lined lips the dramatic makeup added an edge to her lace dress showcasing a different interpretation of the sleeping beauty theme emma chamberlain

Ariana never fails to make a statement and the 2024 met gala was no exception  her signature cateye was accentuated with dramatic spiky eyelashes and delicate face jewels creating a look that was both playful and glamorous ariana grande

Willow smith opted for a natural dewy complexion with a pop of color on her lips  the freshfaced makeup felt youthful and vibrant perfectly complementing her unique hairstyle willow smith

Quannah chasinghorse an indigenous activist celebrated her heritage with bold graphic lines painted across her cheekbones the face paint was a powerful statement that resonated with the theme of reawakening quannah chasinghorse